Learning to ride a dirt bike is not "natural" or something you instinctively do correct. Learning the proper riding positions and skills are absolutley the most important purchase you can make to ensure the most safe and enjoyable riding experience. Why spend thousands on a bike, hundreds on gear and nothing on learning how to be safe on your new dirt bike? At Midsouthmotox, in just a few lessons can have you riding correctly and safely. We have taught hundreds of people, young and old to ride, jump and have fun on their dirt bikes.

Lesson schedules are available weekly. We do our best to accomodate each student's time schedule. Allow 2 hours for the lesson, 45 minutes lesson, ride time and cleanup time (1-2 hours). All lessons include track fee for the day.


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 5 lessons + 1 hour free ride, 1 free trackday (save $145) (6 days of riding would cost $120.)




10 lessons + 1 hour free ride, 2 free trackdays (save $315) 12 Days of riding would cost $240.)




15 lessons + 1 hour free ride, 3 free trackdays (save $510) (18 days of riding would cost $360.)



 Single Lesson Purchase single lesson (includes track fee for the day) $75

Each lesson package is designed for the specific skill level and learning style of the student. We specialize in beginner to imtermediate students. Please email us for your specific needs. Midsouthmotox@gmail.com

Lessons can be as frequent as 1-3 per week, but usually are one per week. Weather and rider schedules both can cause rescheduling of lessons. We request a 24 hour notice to reschedule. We will teach bike set-up, basic body positions, braking, turning, cornering and as the student progresses, more advanced skills like single jumps, double jumps, rhythm sections whoops and more.