Frequently Asked Questions

What are appropriate ages for this activity?

We have taught children from ages 3 and up. Most kids age 6 and above have no real troubles grasping the basic concepts of riding a mini bike. We do have training wheels if necessary.

My voucher " Paid value" expires on "X" date. What does that mean?

Your voucher will be valid for the amount you paid for a few months or even a few years, but the expiration date of the "Deal" is usually 90 days to one year. That means that if you paid, $150 for your voucher and the expiration date has passed, you would have a credit of $150 towards the regular price of one of the packages.

Are there weight or height restrictions?

Unfortunately, we cannot have riders who weigh in excess of 300lbs. Regarding height, no limitations for tall folks and as long as they can put their feet on the ground, they can ride.

Can adults and children ride together?

Sometimes. We try to put riders in age and skill appropriate groups for their pleasure and safety. We do often have parents and the kids ride together and for safety purposes we limit the areas of the track that they can practice on.

During the "ride packages" how much time is actually spent on the motorcycle?

All of it. All instruction is given on the bike and all techniques are taught while on the bike.

Can I add extra time to my ride packages?

Certainly. Most bikes can have extra hours added for $30 for 1 hour and $45 for 2 hours.

Why are there two options for insurance?

The waiver is a release of liability and limits the maximum damage to the amount of the waiver. (Negligence and horseplay not included) The $350 damage deposit is your assumption of all liability and is not limited to the deposit amount.